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Let's find all that's good and live an inspired eco life... This little blog is about leaning into a better, eco life. We are learning new ways of living and thinking - finding little things that we all can do without compromising on the good stuff. You don't need to be a hippy - keep your lifestyle, just tweak your choices.

About us...
We are a small family based business of three mums - Ros (artist), Irene (teacher ) & Elena (designer). We are a close-knit family, even though we are spread all over Australia. We started Ecobella to make a difference in our environment and community... not just to start a business. We share a desire to ensure that "being green" does not mean compromising on quality, design, gorgeousness or ethics. We help local and international artisans and workers receive fair pay, working conditions and support for their communities.

About the bloggers...
I'm a designer, mum and (very) amateur surfer. I live in Perth, with my husband, daughter, dog and kitty. I wish I lived on the beach in the Margaret River Wine region - I like wine. I love farmers' markets, retro furniture, & fashion. I am learning to lessen my impact on the earth to ensure a clean and beautiful world for my daughter to grow up in.
I am a mother and teacher. I live in Brisbane where my husband and I have raised two wonderful daughters. My dream is to live at the beach. I remember growing up in simpler times. Beach holidays in a caravan and freshly caught fish for breakfast. I love to cook, and share a meal and conversation with family and friends. I too am learning to reduce my impact on this planet. I am finding small changes are making a difference.
Artist, designer, teacher, mother. I live in Brisbane.
Lawyer, blogger, foodie. I live in Brisbane.

Ecobella is... 

Ecobella is a gift shop with a difference: it is a gift shop with a conscience.
So whether you're purchasing a beautiful gift for a new mum, a baby, long-time friend, your mother or grandmother, you know you have made a responsible choice when you shop at Ecobella.
We aim to minimise our environmental footprint and offer products that are well designed, ethical and eco-friendly. We pride ourselves on selecting the finest quality organic, natural, long-life and recyclable products. Where possible, we choose local manufacturers and artisans.
By purchasing gifts from Ecobella you can be a part of the change you wish to see in the world.
"If we want to move towards a low-polluting, 
sustainable society, we need to get consumers to
 think about their purchases."

The words of David Suzuki were inspirational in the establishment of Ecobella, which is an extension of our personal passion for the well-being of the environment.
Visit us at Ecobella to find that special gift that has minimal impact on the environment, is safe, fun, functional and desirable.

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