UPDATE: Growing Pineapples From The Leftover Tops

pineapples grown from leftover topsWe were really looking forward to harvesting that golden treasure in the garden – the pineapple which had taken (I think) 3 years to produce its fruit. And I was even more delighted that it stayed perfect and ready for harvest until I could share this with Leighton (my little granddaughter) when she visited from Perth recently. The pineapple was duly admired, harvested and  chopped up with a mango for good measure (I do love living in Queensland at this time of year!) Absolutely yummo! 
pineapple growing in home vegetable garden
Ripe pineapple ready for picking!
ripe juicy fresh backyard grown pineapple
Home Grown Pineapple
pineapple fruit salad in a bowl - and leftover top
Pineapple & Mango Yummo

Nothing really is sweeter than home grown fruit! AND because I grew it myself – it still had its top on, so now I have another pineapple baby, which all going well, should be ready in Feb 2017! 

pineapple plant growing in a pot
New Baby : Leftover pineapple top planted in a pot
Can’t wait!
Ros x
black and white picture of author Ros



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