You Can Count On Lunch! Back To School / Work Lunch Ideas

school work lunch ideas -
It’s the end of summer holidays - that means it’s time to get back to school, or back to work (if you are not there already!). If you want your energy levels burning steadily through the afternoon then you need a balanced lunch. 

Heres some quick ideas;
  • A sandwich using your favourite spelt or sour dough bread and filled with some chicken and salad is easy to fix. Use a nori seaweed sheet instead of the bread if you are grain-free.
  • You could also fill a small thermos with some vegetable soup or bone broth for a delicious alternative. 
  • What about a salad jar filled with vegetables, a little cheese and a light lemon and olive oil dressing. 
  • Or for a yummy protein hit, toss macadamia nuts with a dash of olive oil, mountain pepper, lemon myrtle and rock salt.
  • How about natural unsweetened greek yoghurt, topped with fresh seasonal fruits, chia seeds and coconut flakes.
  • Try adding some coconut water to your water bottle to give you that extra boost.

Think low GI, and vary your choices - the more colours, the better! So, whether you are sending the kids back to school, going back to work or just on the go - pack a healthy lunch and snacks in one of our So-Young lunch box or cooler bags, and enjoy your lunch outdoors. Rethink the habit of buying lunch. You may have to  plan ahead but you will end up with something packed with nutrients, sustaining, and it will also save you time and money. 

You know this must be good for you!
Irene x

PS -  Our eye catching lunch box and cooler bags are packed with super neat features such as an insulated liner, extra back pocket for cutlery and napkins (or bibs and sticky finger wipes for toddlers!), adjustable carry handle to attach to the pram or another bag and a detachable strap with a backpack or messenger bag wearing option.  Retro in design, these bags are not just good looking, they are easy to keep clean (just wipe it down) thanks to the coated linen which makes it stain-resistant and spill-proof.  These lunch box and cooler bags are completely safe (BPA free, phthalate-free and lead free), with wipeable exterior and thermal lining.



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