Grain-Free Potato Tortilla

You know how you get hungry when you’re a bit stressed?
I won’t give you the long version of the story, but I had a problem with my car today, which eventually involved a tow truck and a wasted 3½ hours waiting in the hot car.  My kind niece picked me up from the holding yard (this happened on a Sunday as I was heading down to the Gold Coast for lunch) and brought me home.
So, hungry (I’d missed lunch) AND stressed, I headed for the fridge!
There was a container of cold leftover mashed potato and sweet potato, and I decided to get creative. There was no one else at home, so I could make mess in the kitchen, and have a bit of fun.

This is what I invented... It’s a grain-free potato tortilla. And it was absolutely delicious. I confess I ate more than 1 ( but not quite 2) I’m not stressed at all now, and bonus – It’s healthy. Feeling smug that I didn’t  succumb to wine and chocolate!
Here’s the recipe
(Measurements are not exact, as I didn’t measure beforehand – but you’ll soon tell if the mixture is too dry, wet or sticky and make adjustments.)

Grain-free potato tortilla

2 cups cold mashed potato/sweet potato
4 eggs
1½ cups Maize flour (made from corn)
1 desert spoon Xanthum gum
1½ tablespoons olive oil

Extra Maize flour for kneading and rolling pastry
Extra olive oil or ghee for frying

Put all ingredients into a big bowl and mix until a pastry dough consistency.
Knead a little with extra flour, and divide into portions just a bit bigger than a golf ball, and roll out gently to about a saucer size, or as far as the dough will roll without breaking up. It’s better not to try and make it too thin, as it is a little fragile.
Fry the dough on both sides on a medium heat. You’ll see big bubbles coming as you cook the first side (like when you make pancakes)

Enjoy the aroma of the Maize flour and imagine you’re in Mexico!

I ate this with mashed avocado, tomato slices, olives and Parmesan, but they would be equally delicious with Mexican style beef, chicken, or beans! Or they’d work really well as a pizza base too. 
Ros x



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