A Perfect Combination - Swell Exhibition 2013

I’m a great beach lover – It’s the one place where I can unwind and be in the moment. I love Art too.  So, how lucky was I to visit the 2013 Swell Exhibition at Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast in September.  Art on the beach…a perfect combination.

Perfect spring weather, brought throngs of people outdoors to enjoy a Carnival atmosphere. Crowds of people admired (and of course critiqued) sculptures that littered the dunes and adjoining parkland.

Art on the Beach was viewed, and touched by adults and children. Here the audience could interact with the art in its space.  Nothing like being allowed to touch something big and shiny!

The Swell exhibition enticed visitors for an entire week in September. So many people came to this popular. Glad we went early, as parking was a problem.

As I said – I love Art, and am always curious and amazed at the delights the sculptors / installers have for the viewing audience. This was one of the best they’ve had to date, with lots of color, humor, creative use of interesting materials and artistic skill.
Here are some of my favorites from this year...
'Pigs Do Fly' - AdrianHofmann

'Fabulous Flying Fish' - AnneLeon
'Two Dogs in a House on a Boat in the Water' - Daniel Clemmett 
'Every Breath' - Greg Quinton
'Endless Shadows' - Ian Haggerty
'Water Birds' - Jim Blower

'Blue Perspective' - John Cox
'Blue Perspective' - John Cox

'Believe' - Kim Namenyi
'Blown Away' - Marie-France Rose
'Mermaid' - Multicap Monte Lupo Artists

'The Binding Tree' - Mike MacGregor
Detail of The Binding Tree' - Mike MacGregor
'Salty Pears' - Jilly Gray

'Irrelevant Information' - Suzi Lucas
If you are thinking of visiting the Gold Coast next September – It’ll be on again, so come on down. You might even bump into me – because I’ll be there too!
Ros x



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