Mother's Day Last Minute Gift Ideas - Weekend Treasure Hunter Mum

Is your Mum a weekend treasure hunter & collector (and shopper), scouring the local markets & boutiques for crafty finds? Picking the cream of the crop at the farmers market for a hearty meal. And finally relaxing with good friends and a cup of tea in the afternoon?  
Here are some perfect finds for your eclectic collector Mum.

Weekend Boho inspired Eco Gifts:

1) Katie Scarf by Uimi $79 - A wonderful wooly scarf to keep Mum warm on cold market mornings.
2) Leather Satchel by Lydra $165 - A one-off, practical handmade tote from repurposed fabrics and leathers.
3) Peacock Party Cushion Cover by Thea & Sami $89 - A folksy print on natural linen, by a talented local designer.
4) Jubilee Necklace by 31 Bits $28.95 - A statement piece in recycled paper by empowered Ugandan women.
5) Coin Purse by Lydra $54 - A fun place to stash market cash, in vintage fabrics.
6) Vintage Queen Anne Tea Cup a vintage find $45 - to add to her crazy tea cup collection.

Happy Mother's Day x



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