Tasting A Rainbow - Making Baby Food

For the last couple of months I have been steaming, baking and mashing a rainbow of vegetable delights. It's been a lot of fun. I am the number one taste tester before it reaches my daughters lips (or hair, or face, or floor).
It's a rare opportunity to taste each veggie individually, with no salt or garlic or other veggies to taint the flavour.  For example,  I can not recall any time I have eaten parsnip without it being in a soup, or in a mixed vegetable mash under a cut of beef. Parsnip is so sweet and flavoursome on its own... a new favourite of mine! So it is not just my daughter who is experiencing new taste sensations.
The veggies are mostly organic from our local market, washed thoroughly, and cooked in the best way to bring out the flavours (No salt for babies). Then wizzed up with the tri-blade, and frozen into blocks. My freezer is full of containers and bags of coloured cubes! But it makes meal times so easy, especially if I am frazzled or time poor. Grab a three or four different cubes, warm them up, mix together - and voila! A new fresh dish.

My daughter is now over 6 months, and my 'mash' is more lumpy bits than puree (not that I ever really did fine puree). She eats finger food (steamed veggies & fruits cut into chip sized pieces), meat & fish, and we are adding herbs now for new flavour exploration. And, of course, she is into whatever we are eating too!

The mix of flavours & textures that hit her palate create hilarious facial expressions and keep me laughing (and in turn, her giggling). Sheer enjoyment of food in all it's natural glory. And isn't that what clean eating is all about?
Elena x



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