Quitting Sugar - Confessions of a Sugar junkie

I have been thinking about quitting sugar for a long time now. My new years resolution is to follow David Gillespie's 'The Sweet Poison Quit Plan' & Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar', and finally kick my sugar addiction. It has been three weeks of no sugar. Last night I fell off the wagon. 
It was my wedding anniversary, and we went to Crown Perth's Nobu. I treated myself with cheesecake. In fact, I convinced myself that the cheesecake was probably the least sugary dessert on the menu. That there is my mind ego tricking me - the sugar addiction. It wasn't enough of a treat that I was going out, sans baby for a nice meal, all dressed up, with my gorgeous hubby. I had to take it further - Sabotage.
But no use beating myself up about it. I am back on the wagon and determined more than ever. Today I picked up Wilson's new hard copy cookbook which I hope will inspire some of my own sugar-free creations. 

Trying to live a more eco friendly lifestyle by including more wholesome, organic foods, and less processed stuff (some stuff doesn't deserve to be labeled food!), naturally reduces your sugar intake. The potential health benefits of a sugar free life are amazing. And, as I understand it, I will no longer even want sugar once I break the addiction (and break my 'treat myself with sugar' habit). 
I do believe that the levels of sugar that we eat in our modern diet are toxic. It wreaks havoc on our body, hormones, and immunity. I also believe our addiction will compound with each generation. So for the sake of my daughter, the sugar stops here.
"But I don't eat sugar. I don't add it to my tea. I don't eat cakes." - I hear you say. No, I didn't really either. But I ate excessive amounts of fruit. I drank juice thinking I was 'healthy'. Organic sugar is still refined sugar.
And when you quit and go through sugar junkie withdrawal (headaches and fatigue for me), vowing to kill for a piece of chocolate, then you realise perhaps you did have an addiction after all (my personal experience!).

Wish me luck!
Elena x

BTW - If you are interested in leaning about the toxic effects of sugar and the Low-Fat con,  I suggest watching Sugar - The Bitter Truth, a lecture by paediatric endocrinologist Dr Robert Lustig, or try tracking down the BBC series 'The Men Who Made Us Fat".


  1. Perhaps it should be wish me healthy rather than wish me luck!


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