Kids Make & Do - Sexy Sandra Recycled Sculpture

What to do for a fun holiday project?

We started with a visit to Reverse Garbage for some inspiration and recycled building materials. We tied and taped together a torso of packing Styrofoam, a head of bubblewrap and legs of cardboard tubing. We arranged her so that she wouldn’t fall over and then started with paper mache  layers  of
Newspaper and cell mix (glue). You can see the progress in the photos. 

We’re just waiting for another few days when we can tackle Sexy Sandra again.  Stay tuned for  further developments!

Reverse Garbage is a not-for-profit organisation which collects indutry waste & discared materials (such as cardboard, fabric, foam etc) and sells them for use in art & craft projects, reducing landfill, and also inspiring creativity!
Why not contact your local 'materials recycling' centre:
WA REminda 

Ros x



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