Rapt in Silk

There is nothing that feels quite as soft and sensuous to the touch as pure, natural silk. It really is the ultimate luxury fibre.

The ancient Chinese are credited with first spinning silk into fine and lustrous fabrics as far back as 3500BC; and it’s popularity and use spread along the silk road to the ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, as well as to India, Thailand and beyond.

While it is true that the jury still debates over the “green qualifications” of silk; it is truly organic, comes from a renewable source, and is biodegradable.
There are several varieties of silk - and it is possible to purchase peace-silk (or non-violent silk), which is farmed from cocoons whose moths have been allowed to emerge before they are processed. This of course dramatically shortens the fibres, which then need to be spun before weaving. The resulting fabric is heavier, usually with a “slub“ and an increased price. Traditional cultivated silk kills the pupae before it emerges, resulting in long, fine filaments which can be woven as they are, into the finest chiffon.

We discovered these stunningly vibrant, light as a feather scarves at Eumundi on the coast, north of Brisbane. They have all been individually hand painted by silk artist Julie Gardner, and thus are unique works of art as well as practical and stylish accessories. Perfect if you are looking for a light, compact gift to pop in the  post for a very lucky lady.

Scarves : by Julie Gardner

P.S. - Hang your scarf in the bathroom while you shower, and the steam will do your ironing for you! You can gently wash your scarf by hand if you need to, or dry-clean. (Silk is very strong when dry, but can stretch out of shape if handled roughly while wet)

Ros xxx



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