today we celebrate every woman

Today is International Women's Day - a day to celebrate all the achievements and contributions women have made socially, politically, and economically throughout the world. There are so many wonderful examples of ingenuity, strength and courage which have brought us here today. It is a day to reflect on the journey we have had to make in the past for our rights, and also how we can help other women who still do not have the rights that so many of us take for granted.

I am so privileged to have such wonderful, strong, talented, and kind women in my life. I am proud of Ecobella, our little family business - the result of three passionate, creative, like-minded women from 2 generations (...nearly 3 generations - as I carry my daughter, I often think about how her birth will be a huge impact on our lives, and on Ecobella too), 'superwomen' who care about the environment, the world's people, whilst looking after their families, being there for friends, running businesses and being proactive. 
My life and work is a pleasure, because these women enrich my life, and help me grow everyday. 
So thank you to all of you beautiful women out there - I can't imagine my life without you!

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 Elena xxx



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