Looking for a new pet?

I am a huge fan of www.petrescue.com.au and thought i would spread the word today! It is a sad fact that over 200,000 unwanted pets are killed, unnecessarily, in Australia every year - a figure that can be greatly reduced by finding them new homes, encouraging desexing of pets, education of the public in pet responsibility & ownership and banning 'impulse' buys at pet shops.

Pet Rescue does a wonderful job by helping all the dedicated volunteer foster carers, who rescue animals from shelters, by providing an excellent web site that displays each animals' profile to help you find your perfect 'furry soul-mate'. Pet Rescue is the largest rescued animal data base in Australia and their efforts have helped find new homes for over 37,000 animals (source - http://www.petrescue.com.au/about_petrescue/
There are may ways that you can help these animals find new homes - even if you can't provide a home for them yourself...
  • Looking for a new pet? - try Pet Rescue first! There are so many lovely animals - designer, purebred and crosses - whatever suits your family! Foster carers ensure all animals are suitable for adoption, they work tirelessly to train and love them  - just email them if you are interested in an animal, and they can tell you all about their traits and personality to help you decide if that particular animal is right for your family... you wont get that type of service at a pet shop! It is a great misconception that all rescued animals were abused and thus are unsuitable pets. My family dog was a '3rd hand' dog that was labeled 'too hard' and 'menace' by her previous owners (she has had two separate families own her prior to us rescuing her, & both considered euthanizing her before giving her up) - but just the tiniest bit of love turned all that around, and she is a wonderful, loyal and clever dog. I have no idea how she could have ever been considered for euthanasia as she is easily trained and so gentle with children. 
  • Spread the word! - tell everyone you know who is looking for a forever-friend. Join the Pet Rescue Facebook page and encourage others to join up too!
  • Donate! - to help keep the site going and remain up-to-date OR visit Pet Rescue's Donation page to locate shelters in need of blankets, food etc
  • Say NO to pet shops & Say NO to puppy mills and kitten farms which profit from impulse buys and disregard animal welfare.... they may be cute, but many people are not ready for the commitment and dump their pets when they become 'too hard' or no longer 'cute babies'. Join www.saynotopetshops.com and help us lobby the government! Read more about where puppies come from at where do puppies come from.
  • and if you are one of the very special people.... become a foster carer. Help provide a home and lots of love until a 'forever-home' can be found. Being a foster carer takes dedication, it is a roller-coster of emotions, love and patience - yet, it is incredibly rewarding when you find the right home for your foster-pet, and a good life for them, forevermore.



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