Aug 29, 2014

Let’s Play… Children’s Toys We Love at Ecobella

safe sustainable non-toxic kids wooden & plush toys

1. Time to cuddle "Paws" The Puppy by Maud ‘n Lil.
2. Look and learn - Book & Puzzle: DeepBlue Sea (Green Start Books).
3. Perfect for baby! EverEarth Owl rattle.
4. Let’s build: Stacking Clown by EverEarth.
5. Vroom, vroom! Bajo ‘Opel’ 4WD – bright red wooden non-toxic toy.
6. Learning to be an artist. Playon Crayon in safe primary colours.
7. Cute Little Owls By Kristen Doran.
8. Storybook & Plush Toy: Little Elephant by Green Start.
9. Outside play is great fun with Little UnicornHead by Flatout Frankie.

Sustainable, natural, non-toxic, safe and fun toys. See our fabulous range for kids & babies here.
Ecobella x

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  1. As long as the child is interested in and engages with their toy, they are learning and improving some skills they may lack. toycoast pink stuffed elephant


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