Oct 12, 2012

Baby Shower Activity: Designer Onesies

As you probably know by now, I had my first baby, a gorgeous smiley baby girl, two months ago. And, as everybody knows, when babies arrive, all bets are off. Hence, it has taken me this long to post about this cute and fun activity we did at the baby shower...

Designer Onesies
You'll need:

  • Multiple plain baby onesies, singlets & t-shirts (or any other clothing items that are easily customised) 
  • Fabric Markers in multiple colours
  • Creativity!
Note: you can use puff paint, fabric paint, glue, sequins - what ever your desire. But beware! Anything that takes too long to dry or has little bits could be dangerous in a party situation, especially if you have young children around.
This activity is great for young and old, and even those 'creatively' challenged. 
I found it easy to create a craft station, so that everyone could create in their own time during the course of the afternoon. Get your guests to pick out a piece of clothing and go to town! 
Kids love to draw, and they feel thrilled to be contributing, making clothes for the baby. 
 And once baby has arrived, take photos of bubby in the creations - these make great thank you cards!

Elena xxx

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